After the Storm

25 07 2016
Rays at Sunset

Sunset with rays after the storm with rain still on the window.

We had a slam-bang electrical storm yesterday evening. It started with a very loud crack of thunder and the odd sensation of a close lightning strike. Poor Smoky went and hid behind the toilet. In his efforts to get even further behind that fixture he chewed the water supply line (again) and there was a wet dog and a wet mess to clean up. It took him two hours after things cleared before he would come out of the bathroom. We waited things out, watching some spectacular lightning and listening to the rolling thunder and pounding rain. There were sheets of rain, some so heavy that it was impossible to see out the windows at all. After it finally moved on, and things started to clear, we were gifted with a sunset with rays and a partial rainbow that disappeared with the occasional lightning flashes around it.

The rainbow disappeared because of the lightning.

The rainbow disappeared because of the lightning.

I’m very thankful for having a decent place to stay and one that is nice and dry.

Mon25Jul16 010 C

The corn I planted in a big flower pot is tasseling, I didn’t really expect it to still be alive let alone tasseling. Maybe there will be one or two ears of corn after all. I wasn’t able to get any tomatoes, I did have the pots for them. Maybe next year.



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19 09 2016

Hi Aquila, Wandered over from Celi’s blog and wanted to tell you about Rescue Remedy on the off chance you hadn’t heard about it before. The first time I googled RR it told me about RR for dogs! You might want to try it with your poochie when another storm approaches. Love, Your Gayle

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20 09 2016

I have tried it, Smoky, is just a psychotic dog and it finally was better for him to let him wedge himself behind the toilet. He was born in a pile of construction debris in a collapsing garage so it didn’t reall surprise me that he’s as strange as he is. I did find that a thing called a calm collar helps a little, it has calming pheremones and lasts about a month, doesn’t stop his fear, but he doesn’t get quite as frantic. I had a store called Sanctuary Crystals for awhile and we sold lots of Rescue Remedy. Thanks for coming over to visit and comment.

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