Core Values

30 07 2016

I had started a post very similar to what is here. I couldn’t have said it as well. I believe this is something we all should think about. I do not want the America of the “groups”, most of us probably don’t. We have lost our direction and need to get back to these core values, as individuals and as a society.

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As an Army Brat,  I traveled the world, and experienced cultures across the globe.  It was an incredible way to grow up.  But no matter how far afield we were, my parents held fast to the Midwest values they had both learned growing up during the Great Depression.

As an Army Colonel, my father always exhibited those core values: honor, honesty, faith, decency, thrift, moderation, and service to others.  As children my siblings and I were expected to learn and model the same beliefs.  Fair play and respect were incredibly important in our household.  Bullying wasn’t tolerated, nor were tattling or whining.  Our word was something to be protected.  A reputation was something that should never be sullied. Those weaker than us were to be protected and lifted up.

I think that is why this campaign season  is so bothersome to me.  I’ve seen multiple Presidential campaigns come and go…but…

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24 06 2017
Dennis Aubrey

Aquila, we have much in common. Am also an Army brat, father was a colonel. My father was also a great role model and eventually, my best friend. We need to meet some day.


25 06 2017

I would love to meet with you and PJ, Dennis. My father served in North Africa and Italy during WWII. He was a master carpenter and took up painting with oils and acrylics after his retirement. We need men like our fathers, dedicated, moral, principled men who were not afraid of hard work or doing what was right, but also who recognize the need for beauty, art and higher things.


12 01 2017

bookmarked!!, I love your blog site!


16 08 2016

I wholeheartedly agree, Aquila. What has made our country great are the ideals and values to which we must all aspire. Although we the people have not always lived up to these lofty standards, still we must strive to attain these ideals… together.

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17 08 2016

It’s obvious that the distruction of a moral standard, ideals and values has not been positive. I agree, it’s something we need to work on together, as individuals within a society and as a society as a whole. There will always be those who do not even try to live up to the standards but having the lowest common denominator as a standard and inflicting governmental programs to insure that low standard isn’t working worth a damn.


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