Unexpected Problems

14 04 2017

These last several days have been very busy for my spouse. We had a considerable problem that had to be tended to quickly, which it was. Last week half the roof on the building we’re living in literally lifted up and folded back on itself during the afternoon which wasn’t really all that windy. It sounded like someone fell down the interior stairwell, except no one did – I looked all around the building to see what caused the noise, found nothing. I did tell my spouse about it. There was another search and again nothing to see. Later in the day we had rain, not as much thunder and lightning as forecast but plenty of rain, steady, soaking rain. Around 1700 hrs. we heard a steady drip which was quickly located in the bathroom and a trip up to see the upstairs neighbor by my spouse. We found it odd that it was dripping on the second floor but not the third which is right under the roof, accompanied by a comment that it was probably a pipe and would be a pain to fix because it would mean tearing out a wall or ceiling. About 1815 hrs. the other neighbor on the same floor came over to say they were getting water dripping in their apartment which information I relayed to my spouse, and which elicited another groan. There was a visit to the neighbor and my spouse again went up to see the third floor neighbor who was not home at that point. A knock on the door at 1900 hrs. was the third floor neighbor asking me to come up and see the drips, I went up and it was more than drips, it was a stream of water coming out of the living room ceiling. Spouse came up only minutes later and the mops, buckets and long night of emptying buckets, pots and plastic garbage cans was started, on all three floors on one side of the building.

The next day my spouse got the ladder up to the third floor porch and opened the scuttle to the roof. We had talked about it and figured the patch that had recently been put on a small leak had failed. I was told a short while later that it was far more than a failed patch. The northeast corner of the roof had just pulled up, folded back on itself and basically left about a quarter of the building with no protection from the rain. Spouse and helper were off to get the necessary materials to fix the problem. It did stop raining before they were up there to see the damage, at least the easily visible damage. The third floor neighbor had gone out around noon and I was working on the computer when there was a loud WHUMP!!! and the building shook. I called my spouse who called the building owner and third floor neighbor, both on their way here. Most of the ceiling had come down in the bedroom and some in the living room. So the clean-up was started.

Materials came and the roof was fixed over the following couple days. I was told the contractor who did the job about 4-5 years ago had chintzed on materials, used nails far too short, not overlapped the roofing material properly and the whole works was like someone had only used thumbtacks instead of nails to hold the roofing material down. There was a lot of upset for the owner, who is very good about seeing to maintenance and repairs.

Yesterday there was the removal of the remaining ceiling in that apartment and I was told the insulation was still just sodden. The mess cleared up and the replacement of the ceiling and upper part of two walls taken in hand, they will probably have the drywall up and ready for primer by the end of the day today.

This last week or so was one of lots of extra work, unexpected expense and some aggravation for both the owner and upstairs neighbor. Both, however, are aware of the fact that no matter how well you take care of sometimes unexpected problems can occur. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow things will be back to a more normal footing around here.


27 08 2016

The corn in the pot is doing well, lots of rain, more rain forecast in the coming week, and the corn is using every drop. This is Indian corn, I think. The kernels were all different colors and I have quite a bit of it left. Spouse is muttering about making tortillas from it after it’s dried.

One of the ears.

One of the ears. Taken Saturday, 20 August 2016.

The same ear a week later on Saturday, 27 August 2016.

The same ear a week later on Saturday, 27 August 2016.

The Pot of Corn - Thursday, 04August 2016

The Pot of Corn – Thursday, 04 August 2016.

It has been interesting watching the corn and talking to the neighbors about it, there have been lots of comments and questions since the pot was moved further from the building.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. We’re in the process of moving to the apartment below the one we’re in now. The fun of temporary quarters. I am very grateful to have them even if it means a big disruption, but we gain a bit more room and no stairs.


After the Storm

25 07 2016
Rays at Sunset

Sunset with rays after the storm with rain still on the window.

We had a slam-bang electrical storm yesterday evening. It started with a very loud crack of thunder and the odd sensation of a close lightning strike. Poor Smoky went and hid behind the toilet. In his efforts to get even further behind that fixture he chewed the water supply line (again) and there was a wet dog and a wet mess to clean up. It took him two hours after things cleared before he would come out of the bathroom. We waited things out, watching some spectacular lightning and listening to the rolling thunder and pounding rain. There were sheets of rain, some so heavy that it was impossible to see out the windows at all. After it finally moved on, and things started to clear, we were gifted with a sunset with rays and a partial rainbow that disappeared with the occasional lightning flashes around it.

The rainbow disappeared because of the lightning.

The rainbow disappeared because of the lightning.

I’m very thankful for having a decent place to stay and one that is nice and dry.

Mon25Jul16 010 C

The corn I planted in a big flower pot is tasseling, I didn’t really expect it to still be alive let alone tasseling. Maybe there will be one or two ears of corn after all. I wasn’t able to get any tomatoes, I did have the pots for them. Maybe next year.


12 01 2012


It just kept raining. He was getting restless and feeling rather trapped, he’d been stuck inside for several days because it kept raining, not hard but steady and irritating. Cloudy and chilly with the constant weeping rain.

He was more than ready for a sunny day so e could get some of the outside work done before the snow started flying. He had some repairs to his roof, a long section of fence to get in, the holes in the access road to get filled and several other jobs that really couldn’t be done in the rain.

The door blew open so he got up to close it, adding replacing the latch to his list of needed repairs, but he’d have to get to town for a new latch as well as some of the other materials. He had planned to go a day ago, but he knew he’d have had problems with the wagon in the mud, that situation was not improving with the continuing rain. It was a messy walk to the barn twice a day to tend the livestock, he was displeased with the mud, deciding he was going to find a way to pave the way to the barn before winter.

Three days later he was still waiting for the rain to stop. He wondered how it could keep on like it was, over a week of steady rain. He was going to have to get into town soon, his supplies of food were getting low and he also had the materials for the repair work to get. It would be days before the mud dried enough to leave with the wagon even if it stopped raining immediately.

The skies wept, two weeks without stopping, tears of rain, steadily fell from the lowering gray clouds. The access road was completely impassable, getting to the barn was more difficult as well, his booted feet sinking deeper in the muck. He’d taken straw from the stalls and spread it on the path to keep the mud from getting any worse. He wasn’t even sure he could ride the horse without the poor creature getting stuck.

He was feeling even more trapped and definitely uneasy, the rain was falling so long it had to be unnatural. Was this another great flood as he’d read of in the Bible? It certainly left him very uneasy and he’d soon be rather hungry. The livestock weren’t doing well after more than two weeks of nonstop rain. At least the straw on the path made getting to and from the barn less difficult.

It was easier swimming to and from the barn and the cows had changed into a never before seen life form as had the horse and pigs. He was amazed at how dexterous his arm fins were, but standing on his flippers was harder and walking more of a challenge so he didn’t trip over the flipper on each foot. He finally decided to simply let the livestock loose. He’d run out of feed and they were becoming odder with each passing day and they’d likely manage better on their own. He sat and examined his new fins, they’d obviously been his hands, the fingers were separated and still more or less functioned as fingers there were now long flexible rays joined by thin flexible skin, there was something similar with his feet. He was completely underwater but breathing water, he’d evidently grown gills or something. He saw a large cow-like animal swim past followed by a pig-like creature. He swam further and then through the barn which somehow had the lamps burning. There was a horse-like creature eating hay in one of the stalls. He wondered where the chickens had gone. He surfaced to see that it was still raining. He decided it didn’t matter any more if it rained or not.

He woke up screaming in the rays of the newly risen sun streaming through the bedroom window.