Cattails In the Corner

15 08 2018

Cattails in the corner

As promised – the photo of the cattails growing in the northwest corner where the two retaining walls meet. There is a small crack between the concrete walls and the asphalt paving and a constant seep of water. We think there might be a natural spring finding an outlet as there are a lot of them along this ridge, once part of an ancient lake shore. Lots of clay and sand on the slope of the ridge which faces mostly east and runs north and south. These popped up this spring. No sign of the brown cattails themselves yet but it’s the first year for them and they might not even be cattails, we’re not sure.Whatever they are they’re a good six feet tall and there are dragonflies that like to visit and sit on them.

There are some elderberry plants down in the “alley”, a cottonwood sapling, several well-grown trees-of-heaven (which need to be removed as they’ve grown into the electric lines), burdock, thistle and other weedy growth which has made the “alley” pretty much impassible. It’s city property but they don’t bother with it and won’t unless there are complaints. Not many people ever see it so there’s not much likelihood it’ll change. It would make a nice place for raised beds full of vegetables along with a few flowers, if someone wanted to make the effort to clean it up and tend that kind of garden as it’s sheltered between a high concrete retaining wall and the rear wall of a commercial building with no rear doors and only opens on the south end, there’s a fence, trees and bushes on the north end, and good full sun most of the day.