6 08 2015

What the bleeding Pete??? Now better than half of the blogs I really want to read are not showing up in my Reader feed. I am so fed up with the “FIXING” and “MAKING IT NEW AND SHINY” and “WE IMPROVED OUR WEBSITE” and “WE ADDED BELLS AND WHISTLES YOU’LL NEVER USE AND THAT ONLY CONFUSE THINGS” – this constant crap. If it ain’t busted you don’t have to bleeding fix it. If it works, leave it the heck alone until it doesn’t work. Give us an option to keep the old stuff if we want, it’s just a bit of code, the server doesn’t care what’s on it or which “site” it sends. WordPress screwed up the stats, now the reader, they fix other stuff too that only confused things. STOP!!!!! MESSING AROUND!!!!
It’s enough to drive a person to drink or other rash and inappropriate behavior.