Merry Christmas

21 12 2016

To all who stop by – Merry Christmas!!
I hope the holiday season will bring each of you something wonderful.

Mine will likely not do that. After all the pain of earlier this year, it looks like the new year is going to start off even more painful. I do not have the necessary funds to pay for the storage of my possessions. Everything that means anything to me is in the two storage units. Being in very small temporary quarters there’s no place to bring anything and the ice, steep alley and driveway/parking area has left even using the car impossible. We are looking at a thaw and I am going to try to get what little I can out. The family heirlooms, furniture, bedding, other household goods, clothes, tools, books, research materials, manuscripts, genealogical documents, family photographs, pedal clavichord and more are probably going to be taken from me when they auction off the contents for nonpayment of the rent. It’s just too damn much loss.

The business I bought in 2006 was forced to close in April of 2009 (I did all the right things, was complimented by my CPA for keeping things honest, above-board and legal, it was the loss of our customer base, too many people lost their jobs and weren’t buying what we were selling), the commercial building that was part of that purchase was also lost, the car was lost (no job to bring in the necessary funds to pay anything), the house was taken this March after living there 46 1/2 years. I damn near killed myself getting as much as I could packed up and the spouse and friend got it into two storage units. They didn’t, however do more than get things in, the did not listen to my requests to have certain marked items kept to the front so they could be gotten out and sold – just in case – but are buried in those units, somewhere. I expended what savings I had to keep the rent paid while doing everything I could to generate an income, land a job, create something online, sell stuff on eBay, Craig’s List, etc.
I’ve tried very hard to have a positive attitude, be grateful for everything I have, the wonderful blessings each day holds, and believed things would get better. They haven’t. In the process of getting everything out of the house, I gave my already messed up knees and back enough stress that they just don’t work right now. I couldn’t get down that icy alley unless I crawled. The front sidewalk is a glacier from a water leak uphill which has created a dangerous situation for anyone trying to walk on the hill.
I’m still applying for jobs, getting out will be interesting beyond belief but if I have to crawl down the alley with more presentable clothes in a bag and find someplace to change I guess that’s what I’ll do. A remote position would be perfect but so many of those are nothing but scams (ask me how I know) and it just makes it that much more difficult for people who want to work and can’t get out of their homes to do so.
All this is so painful there are really no words to describe it. The small table my father made as a final shop project in 8th grade and gave to his mother, the desk he made me, the Japanese import china my mother got for $100.00 just after World War II that is a service for 12 of fine bone china, my great-grandfather’s shaving mug, great-grandmother’s sugar and creamer, my library all packed in boxes and inaccessible. The manuscripts I’ve written, the research materials that were carefully gathered and preserved, the family photos, documents, and other genealogical materials for both my family and my spouse’s. The gifts from my parents, spouse, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, touchstones that bring them all close even though all are long dead, connections to people who loved me and who I love yet.
This is my coming reality for 2017 – unless there is some kind of miracle, God knows, I’ve been doing everything I could to help myself. I want more than I can express to not have this happen. I know I probably shouldn’t post this, probably shouldn’t even write it, but I need to get it out of my head and hope that maybe someone can offer some help.


For Now

16 10 2016

First, the corn – there were about 12 to 14 ears total and only two that were full ears of kernels, the rest had only a few scattered along the cob. I wasn’t really expecting any so it was fun to have something. Lots of different colors on the kernels, blue-black, red, white striped red, white, yellow, typical Indian corn. The chipmunk that lives under the stairs has enjoyed raiding the drying cobs which was probably just as well as there wasn’t enough to do anything with otherwise.

Sage Green Shawl

Sage Green Shawl

Second, a shawl – I finished a soft, sage green shawl just like the other one. It is for sale (if anyone is interested please feel free to email me for details).

Lavender Shawl for dayphoto.

Lavender Shawl for dayphoto.

I’ve started the lavender shawl for dayphoto. Not the greatest photo, but it’s only 26 rows in.

White Shawl in progress.

White Shawl in progress.

I have a white one close to finishing. It’s lovely, soft yarn, acrylic so easy care and will be for sale soon.

Busy hands and paying attention to the patterns is a good thing right now.

Third, I’m still trying to find a job. It would be wonderful to have one, an income certainly would be welcome as things have been beyond tight around here for quite a long time. I can but try, it’s just very discouraging to keep being told I’m “over-qualified” and that the assumption that I would be bored and not do the work is very insulting to me. It would simply be an incentive for me to find a way to do the job better or take on more responsibility. It also would ensure that the job given me would not have to be worried about, it would be done by a person who is genuinely interested in giving the effort for the pay received even if the job is deadly dull, I don’t have to like it, I don’t have to have tons of fun doing it, but do it I would and take my enjoyment after I finish the task that I did the best of it I could.


Hey PeTA…Leave Our Dog Out of Your Propaganda

30 09 2016

I stand with Ray’s mom. Please read and speak up.

Shawl is Finished – Ethereal Grace

4 09 2016

I finished a shawl in a record eight days and got it blocked this evening.

Sun04Sep16 007

The shawl being blocked.

Detail of center spine.

Detail of center spine.

Detail of edge.

Detail of edge.

I used 700 yards of mint green Aunt Lydia’s #10 Crochet cotton and U.S. size 8 (5mm) needles. I didn’t measure the shawl, but it looks to be about 50″ x 27″. It is a gift for the spouse’s youngest daughter who is visiting with her new baby daughter from out-of-state.

The shawl is a combination of two different patterns, Grace by Velvet Dishon (the leaves), a spine pattern I added, and Ethereal by Lakshmi Juneja (the edge) and is worked from the top (long edge) down. I just can’t do a pattern completely as given.

I have to admit I’m pleased with the results.



27 08 2016

The corn in the pot is doing well, lots of rain, more rain forecast in the coming week, and the corn is using every drop. This is Indian corn, I think. The kernels were all different colors and I have quite a bit of it left. Spouse is muttering about making tortillas from it after it’s dried.

One of the ears.

One of the ears. Taken Saturday, 20 August 2016.

The same ear a week later on Saturday, 27 August 2016.

The same ear a week later on Saturday, 27 August 2016.

The Pot of Corn - Thursday, 04August 2016

The Pot of Corn – Thursday, 04 August 2016.

It has been interesting watching the corn and talking to the neighbors about it, there have been lots of comments and questions since the pot was moved further from the building.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. We’re in the process of moving to the apartment below the one we’re in now. The fun of temporary quarters. I am very grateful to have them even if it means a big disruption, but we gain a bit more room and no stairs.


Core Values

30 07 2016

I had started a post very similar to what is here. I couldn’t have said it as well. I believe this is something we all should think about. I do not want the America of the “groups”, most of us probably don’t. We have lost our direction and need to get back to these core values, as individuals and as a society.

After the Storm

25 07 2016
Rays at Sunset

Sunset with rays after the storm with rain still on the window.

We had a slam-bang electrical storm yesterday evening. It started with a very loud crack of thunder and the odd sensation of a close lightning strike. Poor Smoky went and hid behind the toilet. In his efforts to get even further behind that fixture he chewed the water supply line (again) and there was a wet dog and a wet mess to clean up. It took him two hours after things cleared before he would come out of the bathroom. We waited things out, watching some spectacular lightning and listening to the rolling thunder and pounding rain. There were sheets of rain, some so heavy that it was impossible to see out the windows at all. After it finally moved on, and things started to clear, we were gifted with a sunset with rays and a partial rainbow that disappeared with the occasional lightning flashes around it.

The rainbow disappeared because of the lightning.

The rainbow disappeared because of the lightning.

I’m very thankful for having a decent place to stay and one that is nice and dry.

Mon25Jul16 010 C

The corn I planted in a big flower pot is tasseling, I didn’t really expect it to still be alive let alone tasseling. Maybe there will be one or two ears of corn after all. I wasn’t able to get any tomatoes, I did have the pots for them. Maybe next year.