The Truth Still Matters

18 03 2017

The hate continues. The media hype just doesn’t stop. When will people learn it isn’t the dogs who are to blame? It is, sadly, the dogs who pay the ultimate price for the hate and ignorance, the abuse and irresponsibility of their human owners. These dogs are chained to tires so they “get strong” by dragging them around. They are fed gunpowder, according to one former dog fighting owner, it makes them “crazy”. The things done to these dogs is horrific. It is NOT the dogs. It IS the OWNERS.


For Now

16 10 2016

First, the corn – there were about 12 to 14 ears total and only two that were full ears of kernels, the rest had only a few scattered along the cob. I wasn’t really expecting any so it was fun to have something. Lots of different colors on the kernels, blue-black, red, white striped red, white, yellow, typical Indian corn. The chipmunk that lives under the stairs has enjoyed raiding the drying cobs which was probably just as well as there wasn’t enough to do anything with otherwise.

Sage Green Shawl

Sage Green Shawl

Second, a shawl – I finished a soft, sage green shawl just like the other one. It is for sale (if anyone is interested please feel free to email me for details).

Lavender Shawl for dayphoto.

Lavender Shawl for dayphoto.

I’ve started the lavender shawl for dayphoto. Not the greatest photo, but it’s only 26 rows in.

White Shawl in progress.

White Shawl in progress.

I have a white one close to finishing. It’s lovely, soft yarn, acrylic so easy care and will be for sale soon.

Busy hands and paying attention to the patterns is a good thing right now.

Third, I’m still trying to find a job. It would be wonderful to have one, an income certainly would be welcome as things have been beyond tight around here for quite a long time. I can but try, it’s just very discouraging to keep being told I’m “over-qualified” and that the assumption that I would be bored and not do the work is very insulting to me. It would simply be an incentive for me to find a way to do the job better or take on more responsibility. It also would ensure that the job given me would not have to be worried about, it would be done by a person who is genuinely interested in giving the effort for the pay received even if the job is deadly dull, I don’t have to like it, I don’t have to have tons of fun doing it, but do it I would and take my enjoyment after I finish the task that I did the best of it I could.


Hey PeTA…Leave Our Dog Out of Your Propaganda

30 09 2016

I stand with Ray’s mom. Please read and speak up.

Core Values

30 07 2016

I had started a post very similar to what is here. I couldn’t have said it as well. I believe this is something we all should think about. I do not want the America of the “groups”, most of us probably don’t. We have lost our direction and need to get back to these core values, as individuals and as a society.

The State of Things

14 07 2016

At present I am in temporary quarters, thanks to a very good friend who has allowed me and my spouse to stay in a building they own after we were evicted from my home of 46 1/2 years. Things are chaotic and unsettled at present (July 2016) and we are hoping and praying that we will be in a more permanent situation before winter.Also that we well be able to keep our possessions which are in two large storage units (on which the rent just went up). Despite my best efforts I am still without a job, a situation that has gone on far too long and has been extremely frustrating, I am not interested in hearing that I will be bored with whatever job is available nor am i interested in hearing that I am overqualified (all the more reason to hire me, you’d never have to wonder if I could do what I was hired to do and I never get bored either, never have and don’t see that as a possibility in the future – I believe choosing boredom is just that, a choice).The lack of a job also means that I have no income, only waht little I was able to save which is now being used to keep the storage units.

The way things are also means that I do not have access to my genealogy records, notes etc, and while a lot of it is on my computer, which I do have, there are things that were to be scanned and photographed. All the materials for the things I make are also scattered around in the storage units and are not easily available. I was able to save a few of the plants that were in my garden, they’re all in pots, and was rewarded by one of the Oriental lilies blooming this week.

Oriental Lily - blooming while grosing in a pot.

Oriental Lily – blooming while grosing in a pot.

We had storms this evening and a pervasive golden glow instead of a sunset and a rainbow. This is the second rainbow in the last week, it wasn’t possible to get a photo of the first one.

This evening's rainbow.

This evening’s rainbow. This is looking east.

I apologize for the unpleasant nature of this post, however, that is how things stand at present.


An Unexpected Loss

7 07 2016

I discovered today that a blog friend, Viv Blake, has died. Left this sad, old world and moved on to the next, of which we can only speculate. I found her through her comments on The Kitchen’s Garden. 

I read everything she had in her archives and while she was definitely a poet she also was a fiction and non-fiction writer, her “Anne’s Fortune” and “War Memoir” are marvelous reads. She was a talented quilter as well. She will be missed. She shared her love with those of us in the blog world. Good bye, Viv. My deepest condolences to her family, her other blog friends and all who knew her.

Death By Democrat

4 03 2016

A very important piece. Please watch. Thanks for posting Mustang.