Good-bye, Facebook

17 07 2018

I will be closing my account with Facebook. I strongly disagree with Mr. Zuckerberg about “privacy is a social norm of the past”, especially as he seems to protect HIS privacy. The rest of us are not comfortable with having our personal information flying loose on the breeze. A recent post on Dick Eastman’s “Privacy Blog” is well worth the read. He makes a couple of recommendations about alternative social sites and having taken a look at both, MeWe [which I likely will be subscribing to very soon] and Idka [also a distinct possibility]. I like being able to see photos of my friends and family members, seeing the occasional video and posting odd bits of news myself. I do not like the unwanted, uninteresting and annoying advertising Facebook plasters on my page. I do not care for the fact that as far as Facebook is concerned, my information is free for their taking and sale to anyone, anywhere and damn the consequences to me. I invite my family, friends and readers to join me in leaving Facebook. Mr. Eastman is quite right, I’m voting with my “feet” by walking away from Facebook, closing my account with them, deleting as much of my information from their site as possible and leaving them in the dust. They ABUSED the trust placed in them and that leaves them most deserving of whatever consequences they will face with the loss of business. They make NO attempt to keep underage users off the site which means that the information of underage users is also available to those who have no business accessing it.

I will be posting this same article on my other blogs as well.


6 08 2015

What the bleeding Pete??? Now better than half of the blogs I really want to read are not showing up in my Reader feed. I am so fed up with the “FIXING” and “MAKING IT NEW AND SHINY” and “WE IMPROVED OUR WEBSITE” and “WE ADDED BELLS AND WHISTLES YOU’LL NEVER USE AND THAT ONLY CONFUSE THINGS” – this constant crap. If it ain’t busted you don’t have to bleeding fix it. If it works, leave it the heck alone until it doesn’t work. Give us an option to keep the old stuff if we want, it’s just a bit of code, the server doesn’t care what’s on it or which “site” it sends. WordPress screwed up the stats, now the reader, they fix other stuff too that only confused things. STOP!!!!! MESSING AROUND!!!!
It’s enough to drive a person to drink or other rash and inappropriate behavior.


9 12 2014

Here we go – again. Change for the sake of change. Make it look new and shiny and ….

Where the blazes did my info go? What the heck did they do to my dashboard? my stats page?

Not happy with the “improvement” – it ain’t and improvement. GACK!!

Everybody’s doing it, WordPress, PayPal (that’s another mess to try and get to what you need with all the spiffy “upgrades” and “improvements” which only made it more confusing to figure out where the thingy went that was needed), Facebook (always busy messing with what wasn’t busted and didn’t need fixing), and I don’t know how many other sites. All of them making it “easier” to get fouled up, spend more time being confused or just flat-out giving up on what you went there to do.

Why is it so flaming necessary to go doing that sort of thing? Do they even realize that they turn people off to their sites when they do this sort of thing? Keep it up all of you, I’ll finally reach a point where it’s more freaking trouble than it’s worth and I’ll just permanently unplug from the internet.


Ode to Spam

26 08 2014

Oh viagra, SEO optimization,

Oh payday loans and enhanced breasts.

Such a multitude of mindless copied comments

Spam, spam, spam in my comment moderation box.

Does it make you feel slick, like you’re spray painting graffiti on a wall?

Do you think I actually read your garbage strewn in my virtual yard?

It must reward you with something at your dead-end email addresses with your fake names and websites.

Your constant repetitive insanity – do you really expect anything from your spewing?

Oh payday loans, viagra, enhanced breasts, SEO optimization, salacious dating, gambling, and more.

It would be incredible if you’d keep your mindlessness to yourselves.

Spam, spam, spam in my comment moderation box.