Ode to Spam

26 08 2014

Oh viagra, SEO optimization,

Oh payday loans and enhanced breasts.

Such a multitude of mindless copied comments

Spam, spam, spam in my comment moderation box.

Does it make you feel slick, like you’re spray painting graffiti on a wall?

Do you think I actually read your garbage strewn in my virtual yard?

It must reward you with something at your dead-end email addresses with your fake names and websites.

Your constant repetitive insanity – do you really expect anything from your spewing?

Oh payday loans, viagra, enhanced breasts, SEO optimization, salacious dating, gambling, and more.

It would be incredible if you’d keep your mindlessness to yourselves.

Spam, spam, spam in my comment moderation box.

Meditatio CCIXVII

2 01 2014

To all of you who love me and whom I love.

Celebrate my life.

I know you will mourn.

Remember the laughter, the joy, the jokes and fun.

The love is yours,

Your whole life long,

Though my former self is gone.

Only a shell, shed, like a butterfly,

From a chrysalis to winged beauty,

I’ve changed from flesh, loved by you, I know,

To spirit, born anew in different garb.

I’m always with you, in your heart,

Watching over, loving, those I love.

Do not grieve too long.

Meditatio CCIXVI

2 01 2014

Into thine soft encompassing arms,

O Angel of Death,

Falls my soul.

Released from this veil of tears,

Sweet deliverer,

To peace.

No more the trials and tribulations,

Messenger of God,

Of this mortal coil.

Grant those I love the comfort,

Gentle escort,

Of His love, and mine.

As another said, “I go quietly into this dark night,”

But only briefly,

For all those who have gone before await.

And we shall all watch over you,

Angels known by name and love,

With you through eternity.

Meditatio IX

17 08 2013

Send the solitude of night . . . giving rest . . .

For some a time of meditation

Reflection and deep thought

A time of quiet writing

Or of watching the unceasing stars

Diamonds on sable . . . drifting . . .

Deathly silent . . . till dawn . . .

Busy Day

24 03 2010

Busy day

Winding down

To evening’s quiet

Red Sun

24 03 2010

Huge glowing red sun

Hanging in the western sky

At sunset


23 03 2010

Homely, middle-aged woman

In ill-fitting, too bright clothes

Looking forlorn.

Wintry sun

23 03 2010

Wintry sun weak

Through the clouds

Sliding down the sky

To sunset.


21 03 2010

Watching all the cars

All the people

Noting they’re oblivious.


21 03 2010

Enjoying the quiet

Letting things flow

In the solitude.


20 03 2010

Dry, brown weeds

Gray-black leafless trees

Crisp, white snow.


20 03 2010

Sudden silence

All the noisy gulls

Are gone.