The Truth Still Matters

18 03 2017

The hate continues. The media hype just doesn’t stop. When will people learn it isn’t the dogs who are to blame? It is, sadly, the dogs who pay the ultimate price for the hate and ignorance, the abuse and irresponsibility of their human owners. These dogs are chained to tires so they “get strong” by dragging them around. They are fed gunpowder, according to one former dog fighting owner, it makes them “crazy”. The things done to these dogs is horrific. It is NOT the dogs. It IS the OWNERS.



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20 03 2017



27 03 2017

You are right, it’s not the dogs even though some are breed to be fighters, it’s in the raising. My niece has two of the sweetest pits ever.

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28 03 2017

My sweet Sunny was the most intelligent, gentle, obedient, loving boy. He would bring me the dishes he and his doggy brother ate from every night, he kept the schedule with his sweet reminders of the time, and he was almost wasted on us as he would have been a stellar service or search and rescue dog. Charlie was a pit-boxer (his mother), shepherd-malamute (his father) mix and also a sweet, loving, gentle boy. Smoky (a mix of who knows what plus a little pit) however, is very anti-social, didn’t like Charlie at all and is, strangely, not happy as an only dog, yet I wouldn’t get a puppy till he’s very doddery and it didn’t seem to make any difference how we worked with him (I suspect in his case it’s permanent mental problems).

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