Middle of March

15 03 2017

Somehow it’s the middle of March. We have snow, enough to prevent getting out of the driveway and down the hill, it’s too slippery. We watched a car from further up the hill slide and almost slide into the big condo building. There is melting where the sun hits and things should be passable tomorrow, which with warmer temperatures will increase the melting. We do have the beginnings of the “glacier” on the front sidewalk again. Wherever the water is coming from it comes up over the edge of the sidewalk and flows across it, which when cold enough grows the sheet of ice that turns into the “glacier”.

I am looking forward to spring.




2 responses

17 03 2017

I hope it warms up soon! We have been so cold and wintery and suddenly this week it has been warm and wonderful.

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18 03 2017

We’re warming up the last couple days. The “glacier” is gone, fortunately. I’m ready for spring.

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