Hey PeTA…Leave Our Dog Out of Your Propaganda

30 09 2016

I stand with Ray’s mom. Please read and speak up.



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8 10 2016

PETA is a sorry excuse of humanity! GRRRR


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8 10 2016

Yep, I agree. If you’re going to be an advocate for the ethical treatment of animals, that behooves you to be an advocate for ALL animals, NOT to pick and choose which ones are “polically incorrect”. I’ve been blessed with Pit Bulls, they’re great dogs. I’ve had more problems with Dobermans, German Shepherds and Labs than any other dogs. The dogs themselves really weren’t to blame, it was how the owners raised and treated them. The only way I know of to determine a dangerous dog is to take it on dog by dog basis, which includes a good hard look at the owners. I fail to understand how completely eliminating a “breed” of dog is either caring or ethical. I have come to the conclusion that PETA really wants to eliminate all other human beings, any animal that does not meet their “guidelines” and have the planet to themselves and whatever other “acceptable” people they choose. Fuck PETA!!!!

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8 10 2016

YES!!! You are right on!

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