What every woman needs to know

5 06 2014

I believe this is important. It’s too easy to ignore these symptoms. Better to annoy your doctor(s) than just assume it’s nothing much.
You never know for sure until you have it checked out.


Ladies, women, sisters: here’s what you need to know about ovarian cancer. It is more lethal than any other cancer of the reproductive system. Ovarian cancer is rarely noticed until it’s quite far advanced, because its symptoms are precisely the kind that most women don’t particularly want to bother their doctor about. These symptoms include weight gain / figure changes, bloating, digestive upsets, and feeling full very soon when eating. Many women feel guilty about weight gain and don’t regard it as a medical issue, and digestive upsets also fall into that category: “Oh, I must be eating too much of the wrong kind of food, it’s my fault. I’ll just tweak my diet a little bit.” But this attitude can KILL YOU.

Run, don’t walk, to your doctor if you have these symptoms. My weight slowly increased by fifteen pounds over the last two years despite the fact that I averaged only 1500-1700 calories a day. I…

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3 responses

14 07 2016

I lost my Grandma because of the cancer. She was to afraid to go to the doctor and no one knew about that. She was always so mysterious and she did not want to bother any one. And that what got her killed…don’t wait go to the doctor.


28 11 2014

My cousin (who was my same age) died from this very cancer. It was a very long dying…run don’t walk if you have any of these symptoms!!!



29 11 2014

Always hard to lose someone to a disease that is so horrible and that can drag out for years. And, yes, we must be aware of the symptoms and not wait to seek help.


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