Please don’t (Dennis Aubrey)

7 09 2013

Thank you for posting this. Please, those of you who indulge in the spreading of your %*#&@, READ this and be kind enough to go elsewhere.

Via Lucis Photography

This is a post addressed to a disturbing group of people who seem to make their living by trolling through WordPress sites and “liking” or “following” a blog in the hope that someone will return to their site and learn how to improve their life, make money on the internet, or fulfill their dreams by working less and living more.


The pictures in their blogs show healthy, vibrant, smiling people relaxing by swimming pools, posing in some exotic locale, or being surrounded by lovely women. They appear confident, buoyant, and fulfilled, and with no more consciousness than a bee buzzing happily from flower to flower.

I ask you a favor. Please don’t do that here on Via Lucis. This is a community of people who think about the world differently. We are concerned with medieval architecture and the remnants of a world whose echoes live in the stones we photograph…

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3 responses

19 05 2014

I so agree with this post!! I not only have people trying to sell me stuff, but some wanting a green card – sorry – I’m married! There should be some way to block these people.


22 09 2013
Helen Devries

Thank you for following my blog….there couldn’t be a better meeting point than Via Lucis, could there!


23 09 2013

No there certainly couldn’t be a better meeting place.


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