14 10 2010

He was walking backwards toward the fireball that was the exploding car. What the blazes was going on?

The fireball was condensing, returning to the confines of it’s beginning, the car coming back together behind him as he kept walking backwards toward it. He sensed something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t quite grasp what that might be. By the time he reached the point he began to turn toward the car, it was solid and there was no sign of an explosion. He got back into the car after saying something in a language he didn’t understand to the man with the angry face who said something to him in the same language. The car backed away from where it had been parked. It kept going backwards as tho that was the most normal thing possible.

He finally arrived and got out of the car, walked backwards to the hotel and through the doors, up the stairs and to his room. He was now feeling definite discomfort about going backwards. There was something really wrong. He hadn’t tripped or stumbled at all, which he felt he should have done. The driver of the car hadn’t hit anything either and he was confused. He began to remove his clothes but in the opposite order he’d have done otherwise, went into the bathroom and proceeded to put the whiskers back on his face with the razor, the water coming back up the drain. The same thing happened when he was in the shower. He really had a hard time with what happened on the toilet, that was not right. He felt disgusted and sick. He backed himself to the bed, sat down and then laid down and went to sleep, as the sun went down in the east. His last thought was he was having a nightmare.

He woke while it was still dark, backed into the bathroom and again experienced the unpleasant sensation of his urine coming out of the toilet and back into his bladder. He wanted to scream but found he couldn’t. He dressed again, the wrong way, backed down the stairs and into the dining room. He found himself removing food from his mouth and putting it back on the plate, coffee as well was returned from his stomach to the cup. He noticed the same thing was happening to everyone else in the dining room with him, the waiters going backwards with trays of food to the kitchen, taking orders in that strange language. He finally got up and backed out of the dining room, said something he couldn’t understand to the desk clerk, who also said something unintelligible to him then he backed out of the hotel and onto the street.

He spent a good hour wandering around backwards through the streets, put back a couple things, was given his money back and finally met someone he recognized. He tried to say something but it came out like everything else he’d tried to say, all wrong. They seemed to understand each other then backed away and as they got distant waved. He was beginning to think he must still be asleep and dreaming when he saw the man who was at the car before it exploded. In a few minutes more of backing away from the man, he stopped, turned and backed into a sidewalk cafe and sat down. He was there for quite awhile, returning the drink he had to the glass and feeling uncomfortable.

Then suddenly there was a very delicate young woman standing and looking at him, he didn’t remember her from before. She spoke to him, “You have your wish, you may live over these hours that have run back to this point. You may do the same things as before or you may change them. You have the memory of that time to use as you wish.” Just as suddenly she was gone. He turned and looked for her but it was useless.

He sat there unsure what to do, then realized he’d picked up the glass and taken a drink in the normal fashion from it. As he sat there he came to understand that he had the opportunity to change what had happened. He could stop the car from exploding the next morning. He knew who the man was now, he might be able to stop all the things that he knew would happen after he walked away from the exploding car. What he wasn’t sure of is whether that was the right thing to do. Should he change what he knew had happened, or would happen if he did the same things. He was still reeling from having things the way they’d been the last twelve hours or more. What should he do?

He watched the man who would be at the car in the morning. He did nothing, as he’d done the first time. He went through the same walking around the streets, made his purchases, had dinner, went to bed, showered, shaved, went in the car and met the man. He walked away from the fireball that was the exploding car, shaking his head. He was sure now he’d done the right thing.



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8 05 2014

How strange, I have been planning a similar story of time reversal, but had not foreseen some of these odd consequences, like eating and peeing……mmmm, might have to rethink this! Thanks, and very entertaining.


8 05 2014

It’s the occasionally unfortunate logical turn of mind. If you watch something happen on video and then reverse the video, it is exactly the same except it’s backwards. It was done on a dare. A friend said I couldn’t do an interesting story with things in reverse. They got a bit green when they read it, then capitulated.


9 05 2014

My character has to travel by train and purchase a ticket, so there could be some fun trying to speak backwards.
“sleep notnort oot lgnis yae”
…..and it’s a battle with the spell checker to get it right!
Notnort is a place in Devonshire called Taunton.


10 05 2014

Make sure you write the dialog forward first, then turn it around. It’s a lot easier and you can spell check it too before you reverse it. Like this: .ti esrever uoy erofeb oot…., or you can just reverse the order of the words: it reverse you before too…. Have fun. I’m looking forward to reading it when you’re done.


19 02 2011

your good


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