4 02 2010

The Nature Preserve

Walking in the nature preserve during the late afternoon early in September. The day warm, sunny and pleasant. Stopping at one of the benches to sit a little while after walking through the gardens and taking photographs. Seeing an elderly couple sitting together on a nearby bench in the sun talking. Not meaning to but hearing their conversation.

“I wonder if the swans will come today, they’re so beautiful,” said the woman.

A duck laughed on the lake.

“You know,” she said, “if I had a heart attack or something at home, no one would know.”

“I want to go alone,” the old man answered.

“But no one would know, probably not for days.”

“Would it really matter that much?”

“I don’t know …. I hope the swans come.”

“I want to go alone.”

They were quiet for awhile then got to talking about children, grandchildren, friends.

A pleasant afternoon at the nature preserve. The ducks going about their business, fish jumping from time to time, people walking around and talking. The elderly couple left the bench, walking around the garden together looking at the flowers, then to their car. The sunset was stunning, painting the sky and reflecting in the lake. The swans didn’t come.



One response

7 02 2010
Mike in Chi

Damn swans!
Nice bloggy.


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